Know Grace. Go in Grace. Be Grace.

From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Friends in Christ,
At this time of the year it is very easy to be tempted to look at the
creation around us and see only gloom in the drab surroundings. Yes, it
is true that the wintertime can be monotonous at times, but in it,
sometimes hidden from our perception is a great beauty. I was reminded
of this the other day, when, looking at the pine trees outside the
parsonage, I saw how beautiful the snow resting on the bows looked. It
made me realize how manifest our God is in the Creation and that the
beauty the prophet Isaiah speaks about rests in all things, announcing
God’s presence and love for this world. Even in the bleakness of
midwinter is this beauty made manifest.
Dear Brothers and sisters, we are included in the list of things that
God’s love and peace are announced through. With all of creation we
speak of a God who creates beautiful things and loves the whole creation.
Even in the wintery bleakness of the world, we shine with the light and
the love of the one who made. So remember, you are a beloved child of
God, who delights in you and the whole creation, and proclaims his
majesty and love through you and all things. Remember this when all
seems bleak. Remember that we are part of a beautiful creation that
proclaims the Lord God as King of the Universe.
Christs’ Peace,
Pastor Ben