Grace and Peace to you from God Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Life can be confusing and often times lonely.  Life can be hectic.  Life can be many things and often times it leaves us dazed and confused and in need of God and Community.  Fortunately, God provides us with his grace and the community, a family of companions on the way.  This spirit led gathering is called the church.

I of course am completely biased, but I think Grace Lutheran Church of Brookville is a faithful, joyous, welcoming example of this.  Here you won’t find professional rock bands, professional network grade multimedia presentations, or pyrotechnics (although I almost set myself on fire a couple of times because I got too close to the candles).  You will find a group of faithful people who are trying their best to follow the call of baptism to love the entire world. 

You will find a group of people who uses their talents, whether they be musical, artistic, or even doing church maintenance to serve God and serve others.  You will find people that are active in their community trying to help and be God’s hands in this community and beyond.  It is also, my hope, that you will find a place where you encounter God and a faithful group of people seeking to serve him. 

God loves each one of us as he created us, and calls us to be that which he made us and to be it in community together.  Come and join us as we are lost in the wonder, love, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ’s service and yours,
Pastor Ben Austin