Happy Parents!

“Our daughter has always been bright and inquisitive but since starting at Growin’ Grace her imagination and investigation into life around her has blossomed! I’ve also observed a huge change in her writing, numbers, and cutting skills. Aurora adores her teachers and looks forward to school every day that she is there. Her dad and I love her teachers as well and really appreciate how open their communication is with us.”

Laura Hills

“This is our daughter’s first year in preschool at Growin’ Grace. The preschool has been a blessing throughout the pandemic to give her a sense of normalcy when the world has been crazy. Miss Lori and Miss Kayla are so great with all the kids in teaching and making them feel so comfortable to be there. Every morning the kids start out working on fine motor skills and puzzles to stimulate their little brains. Bible lessons with Pastor Ben are great and the kids love him. Our daughter loves to show us all the crafts and activities they work on. We are so glad we have the opportunity to send her to such a great preschool to start a great foundation for her future years. Thanks again staff at Growin’ Grace on the frontline and behind the scenes. “

Tesha Siple

“Ronin looks forward to pre-K days. He is always excited to share what he did that day, Miss Lori and Miss Kayla are always open with communication to help with our child’s growth and development.”

Jessica Schuckers

“Joey loves going to Growin’ Grace! He has blossomed there. We could not be happier with the curriculum and activities provided and taught to our son, Two thumbs up!”

Jay and Samantha Shoffstall

“Growin’ Grace pre-K operates a professional, well-structured learning experience that has helped prepare our son for kindergarten. Miss Lori and staff bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise with Christian values. Our son has developed a love for school, friendships, and an academic/religious foundation to promote his future development.”

Kelly and Jake Powell

“Our family highly recommends Growin’ Grace Preschool! We have had two of our children go through this program starting at age 4. We are so thankful this Christian based preschool is available in our community. From the curriculum, security, and overall experience we cannot be more pleased. Our children love their little school that has taught them so much!”

Michael and Stephanie White

“I am so thankful that my son can go to a wonderful preschool with loving and caring teachers. My son really enjoys going to school and having fun while learning. I love that faith is built into the curriculum. I am most impressed that my son knows the Pledge of Allegiance at the age of 3 years old. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Growin’ Grace family.”

Heidi McKinney

“Growin’ Grace has been a true blessing. We are very grateful to Miss Lori and Miss Kayla for creating such a warm, nurturing, and safe learning environment. Our son has grown in so many ways while attending Growin’ Grace. If you are looking for a place for your child to grow and learn, this is the place!

Lauren Nosker

“We feel good about sending our daughter to Growin’ Grace. The staff is warm and caring with a focus on kindness. We feel our daughter benefits from the good balance of kindergarten readiness skills, along with both socialization and play. We highly recommend this preschool!”

Eli and Jaime Schmader