A Day AT Growin’ Grace

A Day AT Growin’ Grace

Free Play

This is a monitored time that gives students the opportunity to socialize with each other and the teachers.


Developing personal hygiene skills, socializing, and sharing are important activities during this time. Parents are encouraged to provide healthy snacks.

Circle Time/Lesson

Students learn verbal and social skills through activities such as calendar, weather, singing songs, reciting poems, listening to stories, sharing special news, and learning letters, numbers and shapes.

Centers/Art Activity/Music

At various times throughout the day, students do art projects and activities that develop social, motor, listening, visual perception, oral language, and many other skills necessary for success in reading and math instruction..

Bible Lesson

Students enjoy a daily Bible lesson with staff or the Pastor.

Gross Motor/Organized Games

Developing socialization, directional skills, and gross motor skills are important activities.


Full day students bring a packed lunch from home.

Rest Time

Students rest while listening to music or watching an educational movie.

FieldTrips and Special Guests

Special guests and fieldtrips help us bring our lessons alive and promote community outreach.