About Us

About Us

At Growin’ Grace Christian Preschool,

we believe children learn best by doing. Our spaces and schedule are set up to provide hands-on experience through play. A child’s play is a child’s work and children learn the most from simply interacting with their surroundings.
We also realize that each child grows and develops at his/her own pace. For this reason, we provide the children in our program with a variety of activities designed to appeal to a large range of interests and abilities.

In addition to recognizing each child as an individual, our curriculum takes into account every aspect of a child’s development including:

• social skills • language development • reasoning skills • religious development • physical development • kindergarten readiness

We create a Christian environment in which children can develop emotionally and socially while experiencing success. In doing so, we provide the children with consistent and understandable rules and limits to encourage them to learn to control their own behavior.

To guide behavior the staff has arranged the Preschool to promote sharing and cooperation. Teachers prevent the most problems by channeling behavior in acceptable ways and by planning interesting and appropriate activities and routines. Because we believe in a comforting, caring, and nurturing environment, we take every opportunity to direct behavior using positive means.